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Updates from FASEB

Spotlighting Member Society Resources for ECR

Looking for mentorships, fellowships, awards, or other career development opportunities, a new easy-to-navigate professional development tool is now available through FASEB to help discover all that member societies offer to advance their career and hone their skills. Featuring resources offered by both Full and Associate member societies, the tool focuses on opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and early-career faculty.

Assisting Society Members with Op-Eds and Other Opinion Pieces

Letters-to-the-editor, commentaries, and op-eds can inform the public about the importance of science and scientific issues in everyday life and counteract the spread (intentional and unintentional) of inaccurate or misleading coverage of scientific information in traditional press outlets and social media. Do you want to write an opinion piece but don’t know where to start? A resource to help submit opinion pieces to local and regional news outlets is now available. This handy resource provides guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to draft and submit an opinion piece, as well as links to recent opinion pieces society members have had published as examples.

Ready to write an opinion piece? Start here. FASEB staff is available to assist anyone who is interested in writing an opinion piece and can provide editorial review or discuss strategy for placement. Email Jennifer Zeitzer, FASEB’s Director of Public Affairs, for more information. 

Supporting Members' Animal Research

Do your need assistance reinforcing the importance of animal research? Our newest factsheet, “Biomedical Research Breakthroughs: 2010-2019,” highlights the contributions of animal research to biomedical and pharmaceutical innovations during the past decade. Designed for the general public, the factsheet emphasizes how the majority of these groundbreaking health care discoveries began with basic research in animal models and provides insights into the time- and resource-intensive process of shepherding discoveries to clinical application.

Since 2016, US HUPO has participated as a member society of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).  FASEB is a vocal proponent for funding of scientific research and a frequent contributor to Federal Requests for Information regarding important policy issues affecting biological research. Through FASEB membership, US HUPO has a voice in FASEB policy recommendations and representation in FASEB legislative initiatives and activities.  Membership also gives US HUPO members exposure to an array of fellow scientific member societies, thus broadening awareness of proteomics and US HUPO. FASEB membership also conveys a number of individual benefits that are available to US HUPO members. Read more about FASEB society member benefits.

US HUPO is represented at FASEB’s monthly Board of Director’s conference calls and occasional face-to-face meetings by US HUPO Board member Rebekah Gundry, PhD, FAHA, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

FASEB's Science Policy Committee is one of its most compelling and active committees. US HUPO is represented by US HUPO Board member Karin Rodland, PhD, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on this important committee.

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