Junior Researcher and Trainee Opportunities


US HUPO is committed to providing learning and presentation opportunities to the community of junior researchers and trainees. 

Travel Stipends for US HUPO Annual Conference

A limited number of student travel stipends (up to $500 each) are available to full-time graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.  Applicants must submit an abstract and live outside the Seattle Metro area. Only one student per research group can be funded unless there are unused funds. Applicant must be a student/post-doc member of US HUPO.

The application process for 2020 is now closed. The deadline to apply was December 15, 2019.


Enhanced Opportunities to Present Your Research at a National Meeting

  • Lightning Talks - two general sessions will feature talks selected from poster presenters.
  • Tips & Tricks Talks - a general session featuring innovative technology developments (calling all McGyver and Inspector Gadget types).


Free Membership for Students and Post-Docs after paying for one year

  • Students and post-docs pay dues for one year only and then all subsequent years their membership is renewed at no cost (free!) until their status changes.  See Membership page for more details.


Career Development Event/Workshop at the US HUPO 2020 Conference

Sunday, March 8, 2020 |  4:30 - 5:45 pm

Organized by Laurie Parker (University of Minnesota)

Have you wondered how your skills, interests and values might fit with those held by leaders in different types of science careers? Join us for an interactive event that will let you explore possible career options by self-assessing what matters most to you in your work now, and learning more about how scientists in leadership positions in industry, academia, policy, and other areas assess themselves on the same aspects of work and life. 

This event will start with comparing your own Skills/Interests/Values profile against de-identified Panelist profiles available near the Registration Desk during the US HUPO Annual Meeting. Then join us for the big reveal during the event/workshop, where you will meet the panelists, learn their identities and current positions, and be able to talk to them about their career paths. 


Poster Awards

A "Best Poster" award is given in two categories:  Best Student Poster and Best Post-Doc Poster.  If you are interested in being considered, please indicate your preference during the online abstract submission process.