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US HUPO Pre-Congress Early Career Researcher (ECR) Mentoring Day

2022 Annual Conference Events

Sunday February 27, 2022
1 – 4 pm Eastern Time
Charleston Marriott, Charleston, SC

As early-stage researchers progressing through our careers, we face many obstacles that our daily lives in laboratory environments might not prepare us for. These include managing time and multiplying projects, and how to approach professional branding. A great way to learn these skills is to talk with other researchers to hear about different methods and determine what works best for you. This year’s US HUPO Early Career Researcher (ECR) Mentoring Day will feature two sessions covering a range of topics related to time management skills and professional branding opportunities. These engaging and interactive sessions are geared towards researchers in the early stages of their careers, including undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and pre-tenure or early-stage principal investigators. Additionally, the ECR Initiative will be hosting two social events during the conference week where you can network with fellow ECRs, practice your elevator pitch, and hear from actively recruiting labs and companies.  

1 – 2:20 PM: Time Management, Project Management, and Productivity – Numerous methods, apps, and websites exist for helping researchers manage time, projects, and productivity – Benchling, google docs, SharePoint, Trello, Lab Guru, etc. But which tools and strategies would be the best fit for your work style? In this interactive workshop, invited speakers and volunteers will discuss their experiences with, and the pros and cons of, different tools they have used for time and project management. Join us to learn strategies employed by established investigators and other ECRs, as well as share your own tips to improve productivity.

2:30 – 4 PM: Strategies for Professional Branding – Professional branding can seem daunting, but this engaging and informative discussion session will provide you with tools you can use to excel at conference networking, increasing your online visibility, and other means of professional branding. How often should we post on social media and how can we stick out beyond posting our publications? How opinionated should we be on social media? What steps can we take to improve our visibility at I person conferences? Join us to discuss strategies to improve your professional branding both virtually and in person.

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